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While on-site backup is sufficient for some customers, this method is prone to hardware failures and errors. However, Online Backup services from VeryHost are efficient, fast, and readily available. Below are some of the benefits of VeryHost’s cloud-based data storage and retrieval services.

Enterprise-Level Service at an SMB Price

With cloud backup services from Veryhost, business customers can protect their sensitive data from losses related to natural disasters, fires, hardware or software failure, and theft. Online backups are fully optimized to provide reliable, fast recovery at a monthly rate that even the smallest businesses can afford.

A Focus on Reliability and Security: All backups are encrypted both in transit and when stored on VeryHost’s world-class data centers. The company’s approach provides reliability and redundancy, so recovery and backup can be done quickly, easily, and securely.

Revert, Restore, and Relax: From fires and floods to computer failures, one thing can be said with certainty: data losses are stressful. That’s why VeryHost has simplified the restoration process. If a company’s computer is stolen, lost, or fails, the user can log into the corporate account from a new device, click the restore button, and follow the easy steps to get their files back in no time.

Happier Customers and Higher Revenue: With Online Backup services from VeryHost, clients can secure their sensitive corporate data. Also, clients can turn recovery and backup into services, generating a recurring revenue stream with less effort.

Additional Advantages: If files are lost or accidentally deleted, there’s no problem. They stay on VeryHost’s servers for up to 30 days, during which time the user can recover them from any PC through the account dashboard. With versioning features, clients can easily roll back to a previously saved file version. It’s like time travel, only less risky!

It's all in the details

At VeryHost, keeping clients’ data safe is the top priority. All files are encrypted at data centers and stored across an array of enterprise-level disk drives. Data centers are further protected by:

  • Temperature controls
  • Uninterruptable power supply
  • On-site emergency generators
  • Restricted personnel and server access

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    VeryHost is proud to have implemented ISO 9001 and ISO 27 001 quality assurance standards across our organization. Companies with this kind of certification have to fulfill high quality aspects like a high degree of transparency in operational processes, customer focus, advanced process approach and many more.

    The ISO/IEC 27001 norm specifies demands for the making, introduction, operation, monitoring, service and enhancement of a documented management system for information security.

    Files at the Customer’s Fingertips

    If a customer forgets their important presentation materials, there’s no need to worry. With anywhere, anytime access, VeryHost allows customers to securely access their backed up data regardless of where they are. Clients can get to their data from any computer, tablet, or smartphone connected to the internet.

    Storage Space to Meet Customers’ Needs

    VeryHost makes it easy for customers to choose the amount of storage space and backed-up devices that meets their needs, including servers, desktops, laptops, and MS Exchange. Customers can also have incremental backups to maximize their storage space.

    Secure Facilities

    Backing up sensitive data to the cloud means that customers are freed from infrastructure hassles—and they can get more storage space whenever it’s needed. VeryHost has a history of top-quality customer service, and its data centers are centrally based so companies can rest assured that their important data is in good hands.

    With the advantages of web-based backup systems, it is unbelievable that some companies still rely on inferior, outdated systems or, even worse, have no data backup solution at all. If a client needs information on how online data storage can benefit their company, they can consult the professionals at VeryHost.

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