Benefits of the VeryHost Managed Server

Managed Server hosting from VeryHost is a cost-efficient alternative to an on-site server for businesses. In addition to ensuring that sensitive data and mission-critical applications are in a secure and safe data environment, businesses have no investment in equipment provisioning and future upgrades.

Furthermore, with the added benefit of VeryHost’s managed hosting services, clients can scale the data environment with resources necessary to improve functionality, performance, and security. Learn more about managed server and hosting services and their benefits for businesses of all sizes.

Why Choose VeryHost?

When customers choose us for their server needs, they will get:

The experience and expertise necessary to develop an in-house solution that’s scaled to the client’s budget and requirements

Data is backed up every day with applications features and security patches updated in a timely manner

Data and applications are managed and stored by VeryHost on its network of data centers

Sensitive data that is protected and stored according to modern privacy policies such as HIPAA.

Features of VeryHost's Managed Services

Some of the most important features of VeryHost’s Managed Server program are:

  • A free, no obligation consultation with the VeryHost team, to develop a managed services model that meets the client’s needs
  • Shared or dedicated physical and/or virtual servers, managed and configured by VeryHost’s administrative team
  • State-of-the-art data centers
  • Regular app and security updates
  • Test and production servers set up for clients’ applications
  • Daily backups of sensitive data
  • Applications and data housed in a fully secure environment with personnel access on an as-needed basis
  • 24-hour access to databases, information, and applications
  • An experienced IT admin with knowledge of clients’ computing requirements.

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Sales Manager
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    VeryHost is ISO 9001 und ISO 27 001 certified

    VeryHost is proud to have implemented ISO 9001 and ISO 27 001 quality assurance standards across our organization. Companies with this kind of certification have to fulfill high quality aspects like a high degree of transparency in operational processes, customer focus, advanced process approach and many more.

    The ISO/IEC 27001 norm specifies demands for the making, introduction, operation, monitoring, service and enhancement of a documented management system for information security.

    High Performance

    When clients choose VeryHost for their server needs, they will get the performance of dedicated storage, servers, and networking that provide customized solutions for resource-intensive applications.

    Greater Flexibility

    With managed services from VeryHost, clients can scale their dedicated server environment to the chosen cloud, such as MS Azure or AWS.

    More Control

    Clients’ dedicated servers, network capacity, storage, and other solutions are not shared with intrusive neighbors.

    Greater Security

    With single tenancy, clients will get a higher security level that will help them remain in compliance with SOX, HIPAA, and other guidelines.

    • Selected hardware. VeryHost has created a selection of stable, high-performance machines in some of the best data centers in Germany.
    • Full management. VeryHost sets up clients’ servers, keeps software updated, and monitors the servers 24/7 for immediate reaction to issues that may arise.
    • Always-on support. When clients choose our managed server program, they will get fast support by real people via chat, support ticket, or telephone. Reboots are provided upon request, as is any required diagnosis in the event of a failure.

    With all of the benefits listed here, it’s easy to see why many businesses are making the move to VeryHost. Call today for a no-obligation consultation or to learn how the company can help business owners secure their most sensitive data.

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